Wild Elephant Falls Into Deep Pit in Odishas Mayurbhanj, Rescued in Midnight Operation


Mayurbhanj: In a midnight operation in Tembtola village of Bangriposhi range, the forest department rescued an elephant that fell in the pit. The incident happened when a herd of elephants entered the village in Mayurbhanj district at night, ready to cross it and enter the forest. Also Read – Viral Video: Indigo Air Hostess Dances To Viral ‘Love Navanti’ Song, Wins Heart With Her Killer Watch

Seeing the herd of elephants, the villagers got scared and started shouting. A group of elephants, agitated by the noise, fled the village after they fell into an elephant pit in Tembtola.

“An elephant was rescued from a pit near Tembtola village in Mayurbhanj late on Saturday night. A group of elephants created panic among the villagers, who started running after seeing the elephants, during which, an elephant fell into the pit,” wildlife researcher, Anumitra Acharya told ANI.

Odisha | An elephant was pulled out of a pit near Tembtola village in Mayurbhanj late on Saturday night. A herd of elephants had entered a village. On seeing them people started running, only then one of them fell into the pit: Anumitra Acharya, Wildlife Researcher (03.10) pic.twitter.com/6N9ARiyX3D

— ANI (@ANI) 3 October 2021

Following the accident, officials of the Bangriposhi Forest Department were immediately informed, following which a rescue operation was launched. A JCB was called to the spot and the forest department officials carried out the rescue operation late in the night. The elephant is now reported to be in a nearby forest.

In a similar incident a few months back, a one-and-a-half year old elephant was rescued by forest officials after it fell into a toilet pit in Kodagu, Karnataka.


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