This Adorable Video of Baby Bear Playing with Snowflakes Had Everyone Saying ‘Aww’


Viral Video: An adorable footage of a baby bear playing with snowflakes is going viral on social media. The video went viral just hours after it was shared on Twitter by a user named Buitengebiden, who keeps sharing such unusual, funny and interesting videos. Buitengebieden posted the video on his handle with the caption, “Bear cub holding a snowflake. Also Read – Viral Video: Indigo air hostess dances in empty flight to KiDi’s Touch It Song. Watch

The viral video is a night shot where one can see a bear and a child walking through an open parking space, which keeps on snowing. When the bear’s mother walks away, the bear baby decides to stop and starts playing with the snowflakes, just like any human child would react to a snow shower. And, trust us, this adorable video of a bear playing and trying to catch a snowflake will surely put a smile on your face. Also Read – Viral Video: Girl performs uncontrollable dance while withdrawing money from ATM Watch hilarious clip

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Bear cub catching snowflakes..

— buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) 2 October 2021

The undated video has garnered over 117K views, 11.4K likes and hundreds of comments. Reacting to the video, people posted comments like, “Thee is one of the most delightful things I’ve ever seen. I want that bear cub”, “just like every little kid does when it snows. Puppies try to hold ice cubes in their mouths”, “a reminder to enjoy adorable and simple pleasures” and more.


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