These States Could Face Complete Blackout or Long Power Cuts


New Delhi: The acute shortage in the supply of coal is affecting the country badly. This has started affecting power generation in several states including Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi and Tamil Nadu. Being the world’s largest consumer of coal after China, the country may face further losses as the coal shortage crisis looms large. Also read- Bengaluru will face power cuts between August 8-15. Check timings and full list of affected areas

While some states in the country have suffered prolonged power cuts, other states are currently facing blackouts, and yet, some other states are likely to be affected due to this latest crisis. Also read- Mumbai power failure: Power restored across the city, power cuts still in some areas

Punjab: Severe shortage of coal in thermal power plants in Punjab has forced power utility PSPCL to cut power generation and impose rotational load shedding at several places in the state. An official of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) said that due to shortage of coal, coal-fired power plants are running at low capacity. Also Read – ‘This is the first time this has happened..’: Hilarious memes take over Twitter as Mumbai powercuts the city

A PSPCL official told PTI that due to the critical power situation, coal reserves are left with power plants in the state for five days. “The plants are running at low capacity,” the official said, adding that they were not being run at full capacity to conserve coal.

Presently the power demand in the state is around 9,000 megawatts (MW). Officials said that apart from the demand for electricity from the agriculture sector, the high temperature during the day is also increasing the power requirements in the state.

Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday expressed concern that the national capital may face a power crisis and his government is taking adequate steps to avoid such a situation. Giving more details, the Chief Minister said that he has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene in making adequate provision of coal and gas to the generating plants supplying electricity to the city.

“Delhi may face a power crisis. I am personally keeping a close watch on the situation. We are trying our best to avoid it. Meanwhile, I have written to the Hon’ble PM seeking his personal intervention,” Kejriwal tweeted.

In his letter to Modi, the Delhi CM said that the city has been facing coal shortage since August. “I draw your attention to the current coal shortage situation which continues for the third consecutive month since August/September,” the letter said.

Rajasthan: The Rajasthan government on Friday announced that it will introduce one-hour scheduled power cuts on a daily basis to tackle the nationwide coal shortage that has pushed many utilities to the brink of running out of coal. The state government said it would cut down on 10 major cities that are home to lakhs of people, making it the first state to officially schedule an outage because of the crisis.

Tamil Nadu: On the other hand, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) on Friday announced that power will be cut off in parts of Chennai to carry out maintenance work in the city. There was power failure in many areas of the city from 9 am to 4 pm. Among the regions, Sholinganallur, Guindy, Sholinganallur, Injambakkam, Annasalai, Ambattur, Redhills, Perambur and Manali were the worst affected areas across the city.

Jharkhand, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh: Among other states, Jharkhand, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh are most affected by coal shortage. In Andhra Pradesh, acute supply shortages were pushing it towards unscheduled power cuts, saying crops could dry up if electricity was not provided to irrigation pumps.

Odisha: Union of industries Utkal Chamber of Commerce and Industry Limited (UCCI) has urged the Odisha government to ensure adequate supply of coal to state-based industries, which are facing acute shortage of dry fuel to run their units. are. In a letter to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, the UCCI on Friday said: “We would like to draw your attention to the current severe coal shortage situation in the state, with many units having stock outs or critical coal stocks with critically viable operations. is affecting. industrial units.”

UCCI also requested the State Government to communicate with the Ministry of Coal to give necessary directions to MCL and CIL to augment the supply of coal to the local industries in the State so as to avoid stockpiling of coal and to create a safe level of stock of coal. are. In critical units to prevent any incidents in operation.


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