Taliban to Deploy Exclusive Battalion of Suicide Bombers at Afghanistan Borders: Report


Kabul: The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has formed a special battalion of suicide bombers, which will be deployed along the country’s borders, especially in Badakhshan province, news agency ANI said, citing reports. The province’s deputy governor, Mullah Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, was reported to be telling the media about the formation of a battalion of suicide bombers in the northeastern province of Badakhshan, bordering Tajikistan and China. Appointed envoy seeks UN recognition despite repeated rejections

Ahmadi said the battalion is named Lashkar-e-Mansoori (‘Mansoor Army’) and will be deployed along the country’s borders. He said the battalion was the one that would carry out suicide attacks targeting the security forces of the previous Afghan government. Also Read – International Flights Today Latest News: India will soon resume commercial flights with this country. read the description

“America’s defeat would not have been possible if it were not for this battalion. These brave men will wear explosive vests and blow up American bases in Afghanistan. According to Khama Press, Ahmadi said, these are the people who have literally no fear, who dedicate themselves to the consent of Allah. Also Read – Afghanistan Head Coach Lance Klusener Applauds Taliban for Supporting Cricket Ahead of T20 World Cup

The publication also said that along with Lashkar-e-Mansoori, Badri 313 is another battalion, which is touted as one of the most equipped and modern military groups deployed at Kabul International Airport. According to Khama Press, all suicide bombers are also included in Badri 313.

(Based on ANI input)


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