Leo Should Avoid Sensitive Conversations, Sagittarius Will Receive Appreciation at Work


Horoscope Today, October 4, Monday: Begin this day with a lot of positivity and energy. Positivity and hope go hand in hand. Astrologer and prophet Pandit Jagannath Guruji talks to India.com and gives day to day predictions for our readers. Read on to see what the day has in store for you! Also read- Horoscope Today, October 3, Sunday: There will be a new beginning in the relationship of Sagittarius and Leo will be troubled by mood swings

Aries: Aries sign people will not want to attend any gathering or interact much with anyone else today. Those who want to feel relaxed should think about reading novels for some time. Also read- Horoscope today, October 2, Saturday: Virgo and Pisces will get financial relief

Taurus: Taurus sign people may have gone on a business-related trip, but today they will spend a lot of time with their children. They can play with them and help them with their studies. Also Read – Horoscope Today, October 1 Friday: Aries, Taurus and Aquarius should avoid taking risks at work

Gemini: Gemini sign people are feeling too much work even after the weekend and need a break. They want to drive to a nearby destination but the situation is not favourable.

Cancer: Cancer sign people now plan to work on their long term goals instead of smaller objectives to be successful in life. They will use the free time they get today to plan for their future.

Leo: The people of Leo zodiac should avoid discussing sensitive but important issues with their spouse. They will be assertive and hence get the desired results.

Virgo: The mood of the people of Virgo zodiac is not good due to the loss of trust of some friends. They need some time away from the crowd and listening to music will help them.

Libra: People of Libra zodiac will be very enthusiastic today. They will watch a movie with their family and can plan a nice dinner at home.

Scorpio: People of Scorpio zodiac should go for sports activities like cycling and running on this day. They need to take steps to keep their bodies active and fit.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius sign people will expect some appreciation from their superiors as they have gone out of their way to bring benefits. He will have a good day with loved ones.

Capricorn: The people of Capricorn will use their free time to complete their pending tasks today. As they relax during the weekend, they have a lot to catch.

Aquarius: Aquarius sign people will not be as active as they usually are. Today’s attitude of these people will be calm.

Pisces: There will be a time of rest throughout the day for the people of Pisces. He was stuck in his work even during the weekend but now he will get peace of mind.


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