Seat belts on. Ajay Devgn is in control or is he?


lane 34 Teaser: Ajay Devgn in a still (Image Courtesy: adffilms

The teaser of the upcoming movie Runway 34 has been released today and it promises to be a thrilling but bumpy ride. The 48-second clip opens with footage of an airplane flying in stormy weather; in the cockpit are Ajay Devgn and Rakul Preet. “It’s impossible to land here,” air traffic control says on the radio; “Hume koi aise information nahi mila (we have not received such information,” responds a tense Ajay, at the control of the beleaguered plane. The teaser then cuts to Amitabh Bachchan who in his famous baritone, “Gurutwa aakarshan or the law of gravity What goes up has to come down at the same speed, he explains. Unlike Ajay Devgn – who directs the film – and Rakul Preet’s characters, the teaser doesn’t make it immediately clear what role Big B will play in Runway. 34 – He seems to be some sort of investigating officer.

The film’s cast releases the Runway 34 teaser with the tagline, “The truth is hidden 35,000 feet above the ground.” The trailer for the film, previously called MayDay, will be released on March 21.

Watch the teaser here:

Runway 34 is based on real events, believed to be a 2015 incident where a Jet Airways flight from Doha to Kuwait just barely managed to navigate bad weather and visibility. The release of the film’s teaser was preceded by a flurry of moving and stationary posters.

In addition to Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan and Rakul Preet, Runway 34 also features Ajey Nagar (better known as Carry Minati), Angira Dhar and Boman Irani. Runway 34 is scheduled for April 29.


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