“My Kids,” Deanne Panday Writes For Daughter Alanna And Her Boyfriend Ivor


Alana Pandey with boyfriend Ivar. (courtesy deanpande)


  • Dean Pandey shares pictures of Alana and Ivor
  • She shared the hashtags #home, #loveyouboth and #mykids. couple
  • Alana moved in with her boyfriend last year

New Delhi:

Fitness expert and author Dean Pandey has everyone’s heart for daughter Alana and her boyfriend Ivar. She posted a set of pictures of Alana with boyfriend Ivar and their pet dog. Dean posted those photos to his Instagram profile on Thursday evening, and he captioned the post: “All three.” She came up with the post with the hashtags #home #loveyouboth, #mykids, #family #dotishome and #godbless. In a YouTube video, Alana revealed her mother’s reaction when she moved in with Ivar, saying, “They were overjoyed. I remember telling my mom earlier that we were getting a house and that Was absolutely happy.”

This is what Dean Pandey posted to his daughter Alana and her boyfriend Ivar. Check it out here:

Alana Pandey often shares posts on social media with her boyfriend Ivar. Check out some posts here:

Alana Pandey, who lives in Los Angeles, moved in with Ivor McCray last year. Alana made headlines after she revealed that she is regularly slut-shamed and body shamed on Instagram. “I wish I’d talked about it sooner, but it’s normal for me to wake up and read stuff like that — it’s an everyday part of my life,” she said.

Alana is the daughter of fitness expert and writer Dean Pandey and Chikki Pandey (who is the brother of actor Chunky Pandey). Alana’s cousin Ananya Panday is also an actress, who made her Bollywood debut with the 2019 film student of the year 2With Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria. The film was backed by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions.


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