“We’ve seen it before,” digs Gujarat Titans in Shaheen Afridi with the photo of Matthew Wade’s scoop –


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The official Gujarat Titans handle seemed to be digging a bit with Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Afridi today, when they uploaded a photo of Matthew Wade playing a scoop in one of the internet sessions and captioned it: “We’ve seen it before”.

Matthew Wade’s scoop became very famous after the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup last year, when Australia faced Pakistan. The game came very close towards the end with a very good batting wicket and Pakistan had to defend 20 runs from the last two overs of the innings.

Pakistani skipper Babar Azam decided to use his best bowler Shaheen Afridi in the penultimate over of the innings and instead of bowling a tight over leaving 13 or 14 runs to defend for the other bowler in the last over, Shaheen all 20 runs in the last over. the penultimate over himself, as Wade hit him three sixes.

Shaheen Afridi prefers to bowl yorkers consistently in death overs

Since Shaheen Afridi’s go-to delivery in the death overs right through that tournament was the Yorker, Matthew Wade anticipated that and played the scoop because he knew what the length of the ball would be.

Shaheen, after conceding a six, trailed his height slightly, but Wade even hit that one for a six across the area between the deep square leg and the deep midwicket. Shaheen then went for another Yorker and Wade anticipated it again. He was ready and bragged to the keeper for the third six of the over as Australia won the match.

When Matthew Wade rehearsed that shot into the Gujarat Titans’ nets, they took a picture of him and captioned it in a way that reminded fans of that T20 World Cup semi-final.


We’ve seen that shot of Wade Bhai before#SeasonOfFirsts #AavaDe pic.twitter.com/eTxOaJ9khA

— Gujarat Titans (@gujarat_titans) May 8, 2022

Gujarat Titans are currently in second position in the IPL 2022 points table with 16 points in 11 matches.


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