“Virat Kohli is looking for nothing but a single against spin”, Daniel Vettori questions the intention of the former RCB skipper –


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Former RCB coach Daniel Vettori believes the reason Virat Kohli is unable to score runs against spinners with as high a clip as he should or need is that his intention is not there. All he does is put his front foot in the crease and then look for a single from there.

In yesterday’s game against CSK, where RCB struck first on a deck that was not only gripping but also quite twisted, Kohli scored 30 runs off 33 balls and although he played some aggressive shots against the fast bowlers, he got stuck. sit against spider. According to Daniel Vettori, it was because of the way Kohli sets himself up to play spin.

Daniel Vettori was the captain of RCB before Virat Kohli took over in 2012

Daniel Vettori believes there is no decisive fore or aft movement in Kohli’s game against spin at the moment and that is what causes him problems because when he puts his front foot down he almost locks into a certain position and then it depends on where the ball ends up.

If the bowler lands the ball in a good area, it is not possible for Kohli to manipulate one run by putting the ball into the holes, which he appears to do by planting the front foot down, and since CSK spinners the ball in the right areas last night, Kohli couldn’t get any singles and had to play a lot of dot balls.

Daniel Vettori was part of the RCB set-up for a long time and he was actually the captain of RCB before Virat Kohli took over in 2012. RCB had made it to the final of the IPL in 2011 under Vettori. The former left-arm spinner from New Zealand was then also appointed head coach of RCB and remained in service for several years.


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