“That’s why I never take my fielding for granted,” says Ravindra Jadeja after two dropped catches against Mumbai Indians –


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The CSK skipper Ravindra Jadeja is one of those players who is among the best outfield players in the world. If Jadeja has a delivery that is high in the air, one could generally imagine that the catch would be taken safely. It’s almost never happened in a long, long time that Jadeja has dropped a catch.

But yesterday in one of CSK’s most pivotal game against Mumbai Indians, Jadeja didn’t drop just one catch, he ended up dropping two catches and both were fairly easy where he had plenty of time to get under the ball and complete the catch.

When Jadeja was asked about his fielding at the post-match presentation ceremony, where he was in a jolly mood over CSK’s win, he said games like this are why he never takes his fielding for granted, even though people keep him Prices. fielding because he knows he has to keep working on his fielding every day.

Ravindra Jadeja has struggled so far in IPL 2022

Ravindra Jadeja has had a rough time so far in the first half of IPL 2022. He was named captain of CSK just a few days before the tournament and while he has led the squad decently enough, the results have not gone as planned and have CSK have won only 2 of their 7 matches so far.

Jadeja himself has struggled with both bat and ball and while his struggle with the ball may have been due to the pitches being very batting friendly and sometimes favoring the fast bowlers in the earlier stages of the matches, Jadeja’s struggle as a batsman was was a little concerning for CSK.

However, the victory over Mumbai Indians, which comes at the right time for CSK, will not only give them the necessary momentum as a team, it could also improve the batting and bowling form of their captain Ravindra Jadeja, who is an extremely vital player. cog of the team.


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