“Shahid Afridi is a characterless person,” Danish Kaneria explains major accusations to former Pakistani captain


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Former Pakistani leg spinner Danish Kaneria has made major allegations against former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi, saying that Afridi was involved in a conspiracy against him when the two played division cricket together in Pakistan’s domestic circuit.

According to the Danish Kaneria, Shahid Afridi is someone who lacks character. He was the captain of the departmental team that Kaneria was a part of and Afridi not only kept Kaneria on the bench most of the time due to a complete dislike, but he also went to the other players and provoked them against Kaneria.

Kaneria revealed during a speech on Sports Tak that Shoaib Akhtar was the only Pakistani player who tried to support him because he had seen everything that happened to him during his cricket days, but just when he was doing a few things in his favor, Akhtar was taken by the higher authorities have been asked to remain silent on the matter and that is why even he is now no longer speaking in his favor.

Danish Kaneria has also accused other Pakistani players in the past

It is not the first time that Kaneria has accused a Pakistani player of being biased towards him. He has made even bigger accusations in the past and has already revealed that some Pakistani players even refused to eat with him. However, regarding Afridi, Kaneria has said that he kept him out of the XI in domestic cricket because of his dislike.

Danish Kaneria also thinks the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has treated him harshly in the match fixing saga compared to how they treated some of the other cricketers. Kaneria insists that many fixers have now been released from ban, but he is still suffering and he requests PCB to lift his ban as well, so that he can work in peace and without emotional baggage.


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