“RCB’s game plan is like a scheduled flight,” Ajay Jadeja believes Virat Kohli played slow as he fulfilled his role –


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Former Indian batsman Ajay Jadeja believes that RCB’s game plan with the bat in the ongoing IPL 2022 is like a scheduled flight where they run their innings in one particular pattern and then hope everyone fulfills the role assigned to them.

Ajay Jadeja spoke on Cricbuzz in the context of Virat Kohli’s knock of 58 for which he was awarded 53 balls. A lot of people thought it was a pretty slow knock, even for someone trying to anchor the innings. But according to Ajay Jadeja, this seems to be the role Virat Kohli got at RCB.

Jadeja thinks the way the last two games for RCB had gone from a batting point of view, all they wanted from the game against Gujarat Titans was not to lose early wickets and then hoped that their finishers, such as Maxwell and Dinesh Karthik , would do that. do their job and finish the innings with a bang.

T20 game plan should be like a charter flight: Ajay Jadeja

Jadeja calculates the way RCB plays, it’s like a scheduled flight where it is predetermined where the flight will take off, where it will land and where it will take off again. But in T20 cricket, instead of a scheduled flight, a team needs a charter flight that can take off anywhere.

It was such a funny analogy that Ajay Jadeja used that Virender Sehwag, the other expert on the Cricbuzz panel, couldn’t stop laughing. But Jadeja refused to criticize Kohli for his strike rate as he continued to insist that he was only doing his part.

What happened towards the end of the RCB innings was Maxwell played well and scored 30 odd runs at a stroke rate close to 200 but Dinesh Karthik for once couldn’t give RCB the explosive finish they needed and they probably fell 10-15 runs under par which turned out to be the difference as Gujarat Titans chased goal with 6 wickets in hand.


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