“Ravindra Jadeja remains firm in CSK’s plans for the future,” clarified CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan –


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Chennai Super Kings CEO Kasi Viswanathan has confirmed that Ravindra Jadeja will remain in CSK’s future plans, despite being removed from the CSK captaincy midway through the current IPL season and leaving the team bubble due to a rib injury. †

There were reports of a rift between Ravindra Jadeja and CSK’s management after CSK unfollowed Jadeja on Instagram. Reports began to circulate that Jadeja was banned from IPL 2022 altogether with a “bruised rib”.

But according to the CEO of CSK, he cannot say anything about the social media issue as he does not handle the social media side of CSK, but from a cricket standpoint he can say that Jadeja is still part of the CSK was founded and will be in remain in the future.

Ravindra Jadeja was given the captaincy of CSK ahead of the current IPL season, but it was later stripped and MS Dhoni was put back at the helm after CSK suffered 6 defeats in the first 8 matches of the competition. It was a decision that was criticized by many, as many felt that Jadeja should have been given at least a full season to prove his captaincy and should not have been sacked halfway through his first captaincy himself.

Official CSK message was that Ravindra Jadeja voluntarily handed over the captain’s armband

For their part, however, CSK management never communicated that Jadeja had been sacked as captain and the official message was that Jadeja himself handed over the captaincy to Dhoni to focus more on his game.

But reports later suggested it was not Jadeja’s own decision, and the franchise’s team management and think tank were involved in the decision. With Jadeja out of the tournament injured and a lot of media reports circulating, this entire saga could be in the news for a while, until Ravindra Jadeja herself gets some clarification.


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