“No complaints about a decision from Rishabh Pant,” says Ricky Ponting fully behind the DC skipper’s decision –


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Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting has come full circle behind Rishabh Pant and has said he supports Pant’s decision-making on the ground as he himself previously captained the game in the shortest form and is well aware of the fact that a captain doesn’t have too much time in his hand to make all the decisions perfectly in T20 cricket.

There have been some of the questionable decisions on the pitch that Rishabh Pant has made this season and he had also made one last season and in a very important play-off match where he decided to pitch Tom Curran against CSK skipper MS Dhoni when he left one over from Kagiso Rabada.

But according to Ricky Ponting, it’s never easy for a captain in this format to make decisions, simply because he doesn’t have too much time to think. People sitting outside can often find their analysis spot afterwards, but a captain has to make the decisions right there on the ground without any benefit afterwards.

Won’t use COVID scare as an excuse for poor performance: Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting, who addressed the post-game press conference yesterday after a massive loss to CSK, also refused to use the COVID fears at the camp as an excuse to justify DC’s indifferent performance this IPL season.

According to Ponting, the COVID fear was also there once before in the camp, when they played against Punjab Kings and won that match anyway. So, rather than what happens off the field, it’s about how you play on the field that day.

However, Ponting admitted that when there is COVID fear in the camp and the players and support staff are asked to lock up in their rooms, that is not ideal preparation for a match.

One of the Delhi Capitals net bowlers had tested positive before the game against CSK yesterday and the entire squad had to be isolated for a few hours before the new set of test results arrived.


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