MS Dhoni gets angry when Mukesh Choudhary makes mistakes in game plan in final over against SRH –


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CSK skipper MS Dhoni hardly ever loses his cool when leading his teams on the ground, but he seemed a little excited with one of his young bowlers Mukesh Choudhary in the final over of last night’s match against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

MS Dhoni again took over CSK from Ravindra Jadeja in the middle of the IPL 2022 season and the men in yellow immediately scored a huge score on the board as the longtime skipper returns to the helm. It was the third time in this year’s IPL that CSK exceeded the 200 mark.

And after that, CSK defended well too. In the final over of the match, SRH needed 38 runs which was not possible without the bowler bowling a no ball and allowing him an extra ball which Mukesh did not.

But Dhoni wanted Mukesh, who had already taken 4 wickets in the game, to bowl outside the off-stump so that the batsman on the bat, Nicholas Pooran, had to hit to the bigger boundary.

Mukesh Choudhary made a 20th leg-side error that MS Dhoni didn’t like

However, Mukesh Choudhary threw a wide ball to the leg side of the fourth ball from the over. It wasn’t the wide ball that annoyed Dhoni, but the fact that Mukesh deviated from the game plan was what the skipper didn’t like.

When Mukesh threw outside the stump and it went for a four, Dhoni was still clapping as that was the game plan given to Mukesh and he was bowling accordingly.

But when Mukesh made a mistake with his line, Dhoni lost his cool for the first time in the game and gestured slightly angrily at Mukesh to bowl outside the off-stump so that if Pooran had to go for a big shot, he had to make a larger border free compared to the shorter border on the leg side.

CSK went on to win the game by 13 runs and kept themselves alive in the tournament, at least for now.


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