“I walked into Thom’s bakery in Bengaluru and nobody recognized me,” reveals former India captain Virat Kohli –


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Former Indian captain Virat Kohli revealed when he spoke to Mr. Nags, a very interesting story that not many people know.

Virat Kohli said that after the second India vs Sri Lanka test match ended in Bengaluru earlier this year, he went to a very famous bakery in the city called “Thom’s Bakery” to buy something and he entered the bakery all by himself without any security because he was wearing a cap and a mask and he was sure no one would recognize him.

But when he packed up and had to go to the checkout, he thought people might recognize him because he didn’t have any cash on him and he had to pay the bill with his credit card with his name printed on it.

So when he gave his credit card to the guy at the counter he had his security number on speed dial to make sure if the guy at the counter recognizes him and others recognize him too he can call his security fast and make sure you gets away.

But luckily the billing guy was so busy with his job that he just pulled the credit card without even looking at the name on it, and the payment was made in no time without anyone recognizing Virat Kohli.

Interview of the Year! Catch Virat Kohli in a relaxed, honest and fun avatar even if Mr. Nags tries to annoy him, just like he has over the years.

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It was great to experience some normality: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli admitted that it was a great experience for him to just walk into a bakery like a normal person and buy stuff without fuss, because he generally can’t do that without a mask. And even wearing a mask, he was wary that he might be recognized because of his credit card, but it didn’t happen and he was very happy about it.

It was the same day that RCB also announced their new captain, Faf du Plessis, at a major unboxing event in Bengaluru.


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