“Delhi Capitals coaches had to intervene much earlier”, Parthiv Patel not happy with Delhi Capitals coaching staff letting Rishabh Pant call players back


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Former Indian wicketkeeper batsman Parthiv Patel believes the Delhi Capitals assistant coaches reacted very late and should have stopped their captain Rishabh Pant from immediately recalling the players.

After a high full toss no-ball was given by square-legged umpire Nitin Menon in the last over of the match, Rishabh Pant insisted it be sent to the third umpire and checked repeatedly to see if it was above the waist was or not.

But the rules suggest that a full waist toss can only be checked for a no-ball on TV replays if the batsman is ejected from that throw. If the batsman is not fired, it can only be called a no ball if the signal is from the square legged umpire on the ground.

When the situation seemed to spiral out of control with Pant repeatedly calling both his batsmen back into the dugout, Shane Watson, one of the Delhi Capitals assistant coaches and likely the head coach for the night in the absence of Ricky Ponting , in. and asked Pant to calm down.

Shane Watson should have gone to Rishabh Pant much sooner: Parthiv Patel

But according to Parthiv Patel, this should have happened much earlier, Watson should have intervened from the start because what Pant was trying to do was not right at all.

Parthiv Patel spoke on Cricbuzz after the match show and he clearly said that the rule book allows the umpires on the field to go up in case of high waist no balls only if there is a layoff otherwise the no ball should be called on the ground, which it was not and therefore it became the final decision.

Parthiv also thought it was a 50-50 marginal call anyway and while it looked like a no ball from one angle, from another angle it looked like the batsman was crouching down a bit and dunking the ball. So it was a tricky one.


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