“Danish Kaneria wants cheap fame and money,” Shahid Afridi dismisses accusations tagged on him by former Pakistani leg spinner –


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Former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi has dismissed all allegations made against him by the Danish Kaneria a few days ago, saying that Kaneria is only doing this to get “cheap fame and money”.

Danish Kaneria had said during an interview with an Indian YouTube channel Sports Tak that Afridi did not use him to select him in the XI of departmental competitions when he captained Habib Bank Limited, the departmental team the two of them were. a part of.

Kaneria had also said that Afridi was provoking other players of the team against him and he did it all because Kaneria was of a different religion.

While Afridi, one of Pakistan’s superstars, did not immediately respond to those allegations, he recently spoke to Geo News

and answered all questions put to him regarding Kaneria.

“Why didn’t Kaneria herself complain then?” asks Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi said that if Kaneria felt he was being bullied and discriminated against, why did he not immediately complain to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman. Even if he didn’t complain directly to the PCB, he should have complained to the Habib Bank Limited departmental team itself.

Why he didn’t do that himself at the time and why he brought this up again after so many years, Afridi wondered. But in that interview Kaneria gave to the Indian YouTube channel, he also said that he complained to the PCB about Afridi but the PCB toppers did nothing about it and Afridi went unchecked.

However, Shahid Afridi rejected all of Kaneria’s accusations and said that nothing of the sort happened. According to Afridi, the only reason Kaneria said those things is because he wants his name to be in the news again. Fame and money are the only things he seeks.


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