“CEO is only there to comfort the players,” clarifies KKR skipper Shreyas Iyer about his earlier comment about KKR’s CEO –


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KKR skipper Shreyas Iyer has clarified a previous comment he had made about KKR chief executive Venky Mysore.

KKR won last night’s match against Sunrisers Hyderabad and kept their hopes alive in IPL 2022, but before the match there was a slight controversy in the KKR ranks as Shreyas Iyer had publicly said that not only the captain and coach of the team, but the KKR CEO was also involved in team selections.

It was a statement that was not well received by KKR fans who were already quite disappointed with KKR’s inconsistency this season. When they heard that there was interference from the management and the captain and coach were unable to freely choose the playing XI, the disappointment reached another level and turned into a bit of anger.

But after the win over SRH last night, Shreyas Iyer clarified his statement and said that what he meant by the CEO’s involvement in the selection of the team is that the CEO consoles the players who have not been chosen in the playing XI or are left out. the playing XI . His involvement does not mean that he tells the captain and the coach who they should and should not choose.

Clarification by Shreyas Iyer seems to have settled things now

This clarification has settled things a bit now and KKR now also seem to be gaining momentum with two consecutive wins, but qualifying for the play-offs still seems a long way off for them as they don’t just need another win in their last game , they need a lot of other results to go about their business.

In the situation KKR is currently in, if they make the playoffs from here, they should consider themselves lucky as the maximum they can reach is 14 points. They would hope that no more than three teams in the league get more than 14 points and then they have the best net run rate of all those teams that are below the top 3.


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