“Ban IPL, save England cricket team”, Indian fans on Twitter dig in as England slide closer to another test defeat


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The England cricket team has been going through a very difficult time in Test cricket at the moment and they are now on the cusp of losing another Test series, this time against the West Indies away from home.

Last year, England tied the world record of losing the most number of test matches ever in a calendar year as they lost an away game against India 3-1, lost a home test series against New Zealand 1-0, a home test series against India 2- 1 and then also lost the first three exhibition games of the away Ashes series.

This year also doesn’t seem to have gotten off to a great start for England in terms of the game’s longest format. After losing the final Test to the Ashes, England then went on to the West Indies where they drew the first few Test matches but are now nearly losing the Third Test and losing the series.

England lead by just 10 runs in the second innings of the Third Test against the West Indies at Grenada and have lost all of their 8 wickets. It seems very likely at this point that the West Indies would beat England again in a test series at home.

Former England cricket team players are highly critical of IPL

After the England cricket team’s Ashes debacle, many English pundits had argued that the reason why the English players are not performing well in test cricket is because they participate in the IPL and do not get enough preparation time for the longest format of the game.

After England slipped into another series that lost the situation in test cricket, Indian fans on twitter took to the English pundits when they posted some hilarious tweets saying IPL should once again be responsible for England’s performance in the West Indies.

Here’s how Twitter reacted when England lost 8 wickets for just 103 runs in the second innings of the third Test match against the West Indies –

Ban IPL, save English cricket. pic.twitter.com/Urb1OMK2ZH

— Shivani Shukla 🏏 (@iShivani_Shukla) March 26, 2022

Who will blame England this time? IPL? BBL? The hundred? Or will they finally have to take responsibility and ownership of the fact that Test Dynasties come and go in cycles? It’s not the end of the world to have a bad year of testing. It literally happens to everyone.

— Radio Cricket formerly AltCricket (@RadioCricket) March 27, 2022

Shame on IPL for destroying England Test Cricket. https://t.co/jRVEOjrNuU

— Utkarsh Parate 🇮🇳 (@ParateUtkarsh) March 27, 2022

As fans of cricket, especially in India, the fans offer their sincere apologies to England for their poor performance in the Test match, due to the IPL. The moment the IPL begins, their test match performance will decline. This is a matter of great concern.#TestCricket

— Utkarsh Tyagi (@Utkarshtalk99) March 27, 2022

England players skip ipl to lose test series against West Indies #ENGSWI

— Viru Singh Chauhan (@baahubali20_) March 27, 2022

Ipl player Kyle Mayers performs and ipl player Bairstow is the 2nd highest scorer for England. Play ipl, save test cricket.

— Devans. (@Nexusofjoy) March 27, 2022

England fans on their way to blaming the IPL for their test team being absolute shit #WIVENG

— Twitaroni (@twitaroni) March 26, 2022

English players: we don’t play in the ipl, it’s bad for test cricket
Meanwhile, English batsmen for West Indian bowlers @MichaelVaughan @root66 pic.twitter.com/ezMiBjzX1Z

— Sagar Dhanwani (@SagarDhanwani2) March 25, 2022


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